Tom-Boys With Guns


Should you be worried if your daughter is a tom-boy?  Stephanie and Greg’s six-year old daughter is heavily influenced by her 12 year-old brother and is teaching the other little girls to rob and steal.  Also, Is the word “retarded” politically incorrect to say?  AND, How do you get a 3 year old to use the potty?  PLUS, how to protect your kids from sexual predators.  JAM-PACKED SHMARENTING SHOW!  (26 min.)

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2 Responses to “Tom-Boys With Guns”

  1. Greg Blum says:

    You go girlfriend!

  2. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Young girls are so far influenced by models and barbie look a-likes they forget to be themselves and have fun, most girls in school bitch about one another any way so being influenced by big brothers is no trouble, it just makes you tough but not necessarily the stealing part but to not worry if your making a fool of yourself.
    i myself hung out with guys until high school and hey theres nothing bad bout me well in my opinion XD

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