What is The Stephanie and Greg Show?

You may recognize Stephanie Blum from her television appearances including the hit, new comedy from TLC called #WhatSheSaid. Greg and Stephanie Blum have been married for twenty years and are parents of three. They’ve hosted The Stephanie and Greg Show – a comedy talk-radio show based on the stand-up comedy of Stephanie Blum for the last ten of those years. The show is broadcast daily, LIVE from Los Angeles and is currently on hiatus while Stephanie promotes #WhatSheSaid and Moms Rule!  Play the Welcome Video or listen to an audio clip for endless hilarity.  Watch for Stephanie, Greg, Antubert Johnson, Mr. Maui and the entire “Snack Pack!”

Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife – Watch This Video

Men, if you’re like me, you should know by now what happens when you say the wrong thing.  By the time you’re finished with your sentence, you already know you’ve made a big mistake.   You can feel the tension fly across the room from your wife that instantly locks your anus shut. (more…)

Do your children have retarded grandparents?


elderly-exercise-class-1I received the email below from my cousin Rena. If we dare to be truthful, isn’t making fun of our family one of the greatest pleasures in life? 

If I couldn’t make fun of Stephanie, I’d be forced to commit unspeakable acts!  

Here it is, submitted by a teacher and it’s real: (more…)

Hey Moms! Broken New Year’s Resolutions?

Mom__Nan_Pork_&Beans_lake_61As a mom, I’m hoping for a better year than last year.  If you’re having trouble with any of your resolutions, check out some of mine.  They may make you laugh and forget your troubles or cough up a lung so you’ll be forced to quit smoking:

- I resolve to try and get my children to eat vegetables so there will be more meat for me. (more…)

How Does Becoming a Mom Change Your Life?

April 14 2005 004Originally published in Parents Magazine

When I was pregnant with my first child, my friends with kids warned me, “Your life is never going to be the same!”  But it wasn’t until after Noah was born that I fully understood what those words meant. 

Here’s how things really change when you become a mom: (more…)